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Handyman Services for Landlords & Realtors

If you own one or several rental properties, are a property manager or you are a real estate broker or agent, finding qualified workers to take care of home repairs and maintenance or to recommend to clients can be tough. Calling around to get someone to take care of a repair or to handle a long list of needed work can be frustrating and can lead to time wasted that could be better spent. At Thomas Taylor Home & Lawn, one call does it all. As a landlord, when a tenant calls about an issue that needs quick attention, just call us for fast, professional service that is affordable and reliable. If you're a realtor or broker, you know that taking care of issues with a home you're listing means a faster sale at a better price. Recommend us to your clients and we'll handle all of those issues fast, so the home sells quickly and at the best possible price.

Instead of a Rolodex full of business cards for home maintenance and repair providers, you need only one number to handle everything. Thomas Taylor Home & Lawn has a large pool of highly qualified, experienced plumbers, electricians, painters, HVAC technicians, home remodelers and other independent workers in all trades. Call us to put a team of professionals to work for you at any time for services like these:


Treasure Valley Professional Repair & Maintenance Services for Rental Homes in Ada and Canyon County

As a landlord or real estate professional, your time is valuable, and our complete menu of repair and maintenance services is dedicated to helping you save time and to provide your tenants and clients the top-quality, cost-effective service that reflects your own professionalism. Our pricing is always highly competitive and our service is always superlative. Call us to discuss your home repair and maintenance needs and to establish a professional relationship with us that assures you of fast, high-quality work whenever you need it. One call does it ALL!

Rental Property Maintenance & Repair

When a tenant calls with a repair or maintenance request, just call us. We'll handle any job quickly with fully qualified electricians, plumbers, heating and cooling technicians and other professionals, and at a price that makes sense for your bottom line. We'll provide you with an accurate cost estimate, and coordinate with you on every aspect of the job. We handle emergency calls, too, as needed.

New Property Acquisitions

If you've purchased a rental home that is in need of rehabilitation or repairs, Thomas Taylor is your ideal partner for making it ready to rent. Let us act as your remodeling contractor, and will put our team of skilled professionals to work, turning the property around fast at a price that makes sense.

Tenant Turnover Services

A vacant property is an expensive property. Call us whenever a tenant is leaving for fast, affordable turnover cleaning and repair services. Our trusted, reliable team will get in, get the job done, and get your property ready to show to new tenants. Accurate cost estimates, top-quality work, and maximum efficiency are our specialties.

Newly Listed Homes For Sale

Our Treasure Valley handyman service helps real estate brokers and listing agents by providing a one-call solution for all of the work needed to maximize the "sale-ability" of any home. Recommend us to owners of homes you list, and you're assured of top-quality service and on-time performance. Our courteous, respectful, and efficient team of professionals easily gains the trust and respect of owners and delivers the top-quality work that makes any home more salable. The result is a faster sale at a higher price.

Property Damage Repairs

If the worst happens, and a tenant damages your rental property after an eviction or before leaving, call our full-service home repair company. We can put your property back into shape quickly at an affordable cost. From drywall repair, window repair and painting to complete electrical and plumbing repair services we'll make your property ready to show to prospective tenants quickly and affordably.

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