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Real Estate Handyman Services

Complete Real Estate Repair & Maintenance

Are you a Realtor or Investor?


Ant's Handyman Service prepares listings for sale prior to and after a home inspection. It is advantageous for a property to be shown better prepared and well maintained. We complete all maintenance projects and Request to Remedy lists / Buyer Contingencies. Few companies are as experienced and capable of everything we offer.

We also do rehabs on investment property flips, preparing them for quick sales or rental, eliminating the need to call multiple contractors or obtain numerous inflated bids.


Real Estate Services
  • Prepare Property for Sale (Pre-Listing Inspection & Repair Service)

  • Clean Up

  • Haul Away

  • Changing Locks

  • Repair Vandalism

  • Maintain Appearance

  • Bathroom Repairs

  • Carpentry

  • Content Removal

  • Outdoor

  • Electrical / Lighting

  • Energy Efficient

  • Flooring

  • Garages

  • Kitchens

  • Plumbing

  • Deck Services

  • Drywall Services

  • Door Installation

  • Windows

  • Buyer Contingencies/Request to Remedy Lists

  • Rehabs/Rental Properties

  • Home Staging & Redesign Service

       (provided by a Certified Home Staging partner)

No matter the size or details of the project, we are willing to work with you to perfect your real estate listings for prospective buyers. Please call us at (281) 891-3430 with any questions or to schedule.

We look forward to servicing your real estate needs.

Ant's Maintenance Real Estate Service
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